Facebook : How to remove an event you’ve been invited to without responding

Just because I struggle every time to find how to do that, here’s the procedure to delete an event without responding :

  1. Click on events
  2. Click on the event you want to get rid of
  3. In the guest list you’ll see yourself as well as your invited friends. There’s a cross beside your name. Click on it to remove yourself


Web server optimizations : ETAGs

This is nothing new, but just in case you missed it, Yahoo! published a fairly detailed report about how to speed up your website response times : Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site.

Many of the tips are common sense, some are somehow unexpected, and some I didn’t know like the HTTP/1.1 header ETAG. Let’s see what that’s about.

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Apache : Perform load tests and bench Apache

If you need to simulate a load on an Apache server (or any web server actually), you can use Apache Bench, which is included in the standard Apache HTTPd distribution. This tool will launch connections to your webserver as instructed to simulate multiple users and will help you to tune your Apache settings.

You can find the synopsis at the Apache website. Most common options are :

  • -n : number of requests to perform
  • -c : number of concurrent requests

Other options allow you to control precisely the request to send, proxy settings, user authentication, cookies and much more.

Question to readers : Which HTTP load tester do YOU use ? TIA for sharing !

Find good websites through ReviewMe

ReviewMeReviewMe aims at connecting advertisers and publishers (including bloggers) so that publishers will get paid to write reviews on their site about a product or a website.

As obvious as this is, it is designed so that bloggers will get money from the time they spend on their blogs and advertisers will get better quality advertisement. But if you are not interested by the financial aspect, you might still be interested in using ReviewMe to find the best blogs about the subjects you like.
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WordPress plugin : tan tan noodles WordPress Reports

Tan Tan Noodles’s wordpress reports plugin has just been updated as announced on the plugin’s homepage :

Bug Fixes: WordPress Reports (0.81) : tan tan noodles – msg free since 2005
A bug fix release for the WordPress Reports plugin is now available for download.

If you are using WordPress+Google Analytics+FeedBurner then this plugin is a must : it will let you get the main reports of both statistics tools directly from you WordPress admin interface. Continue reading WordPress plugin : tan tan noodles WordPress Reports

WordPress and AdSense: Getting money from your WordPress blog

WordPress is a great blogging platform, which will let you easily publish your blog. Now, considering the amount of time you’ll probably spend writing contents, you might want to get money from it (all work deserves money, right ? 😉 ).

I’ll show you how to do this easily, by using the advertisement program of Google : AdSense.
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Scripting Twitter with Perl + LWP

A little follow up on yesterday article about scripting Twitter with cURL: the solution was working, but somehow inconvenient. Not practical to have to go and fetch the user id every time you want to send a direct message !

This time, I scripted Twitter direct message with Perl and LWP (libwww-perl), for a much more convenient solution. I designed it to be used like a sort of universal paging service.

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Scripting Twitter with cURL

Twitter already provides an API but it is currently very limited. It will let you fairly easily change your status, but won’t let you send a direct message.

Comes in cURL. cURL is a very versatile command line utility which is designed to script web pages interactions. As a little demo, I’ll show you how to use it to easily overcome the shortcomings of Twitter’s API.

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Twitter : Send free SMS messages to your friends

If you don’t know yet about Twitter, you might want to have a look at my previous article about it.
One of its neat features is the (previously written about) ability to send direct messages to your friends.

This feature will let you easily send free SMS from your computer to any of your friends. Continue reading Twitter : Send free SMS messages to your friends