SSH : Multiplexing connections

There is a feature in OpenSSH since v3.9 which allows multiple SSH connections with the same caracteristics (host, port, remote login) to be made through a single TCP connection. This is useful because you’ll have to authenticate only once, and besides the new SSH connections will be much faster to establish.
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Securing automated rsync over SSH

Quoting the RSYNC homepage : “rsync is an open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.”

To make rsync both secure and automated (i.e : non-interactive), you can use SSH as the transport and set up a key pair. This is what will be discussed in this post, along with a few improvements.

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Network Security : Being the Man In The Middle using ARP

This post presents what is the attack known as “ARP Man in the Middle” which is basically a way for a malicious user to sniff network traffic on a fully switched network. If you don’t know this attack yet, go on reading.

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MSN : get rid of Backdoor.Generic3.SAT

If you got this virus (or know someone who did), and it is spreading to all of your MSN contacts with something like the following message :

hey How are you???? this is ur pic rite?!

or in French something like :

ta tof fais koi sur ce site :P

Then you can use the following article (there is a removal tool) to get rid of it : How to Remove MSN Virus Project 1/ Generic2.EXO / Backdoor.Generic3.SAT

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