Find good websites through ReviewMe

ReviewMeReviewMe aims at connecting advertisers and publishers (including bloggers) so that publishers will get paid to write reviews on their site about a product or a website.

As obvious as this is, it is designed so that bloggers will get money from the time they spend on their blogs and advertisers will get better quality advertisement. But if you are not interested by the financial aspect, you might still be interested in using ReviewMe to find the best blogs about the subjects you like.

Concept of ReviewMe

If you are an advertiser, you can post offers to review your product, along with a price tag. Bloggers who will get to post a review for your product will then get paid this amount of money for their job.

If you are a publisher (e.g : blogger), you can subscribe your blogs and wait to see the products or website you’d be interested in reviewing. You can choose which product/website to review. Note that you don’t have to write a positive review.

Your website will be given a price tag, meaning that an advertiser will have to pay you this much money to get a review on your blog/website.

The price tag of a publisher is computed by ReviewMe based on various indicators such as Technorati popularity, alexa rank and so on. The most popular the publisher, the wider the audience, the higher the price tag.

I don’t need the money, am I still interested in ReviewMe ?

Short answer: yes definitely. Because the price tag is related to the audience of a the publisher / blog, and the audience is related to the quality of the blog, then you can easily find the best blogs about a topic by looking at their price tag.

If you don’t feel like monetizing your blog (or if you don’t own a blog), you can still use ReviewMe to find the best blogs about a specific topic.

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