WordPress and AdSense: Getting money from your WordPress blog

WordPress is a great blogging platform, which will let you easily publish your blog. Now, considering the amount of time you’ll probably spend writing contents, you might want to get money from it (all work deserves money, right ? 😉 ).

I’ll show you how to do this easily, by using the advertisement program of Google : AdSense.

Creating an AdSense account

First of, you need to create an AdSense account, which you can do by clicking the referral below.
(By the way, this kind of referral is a way to get revenue on its own).

The account creation is fairly straight forward and should not raise any problem.

Setting up WordPress for AdSense

The next step is to setup your blog to include targeted advertisement. This can be made either by editing the template files of your theme (but this requires some specific skills) or by using the right plugin. I recommand most users to use the AdSense Deluxe plugin, because of its ease of use and advanced configuration capabilities.

Installing this plugin is just like any other WordPress plugin : unzip and upload into the wp-content/plugins folder and then enable the plugin through the “plugins” section of the administration interface.

Integrating AdSense advertisements into your posts

Now that the plugin is installed, you need to :

  1. Go to your AdSense account, select the type of advertisement you want, and get the corresponding block of code
  2. Go to your WordPress administration interface, in Options -> AdSense Deluxe and then click on the “Add new” link; then you’ll be asked to fill a few fields, and especially to paste in the block of code you recovered in the 1st point. The name you’ll give will make it possible to manage different types and formats of ads.
  3. Add to your posts to insert advertisement. This will insert your default advertisement. If you defined different kind of ads or referral, then you can specify the name of the adsense block like this : .

If you use the WordPress builtin editor, take care to insert the lines from the “code” view, not the “visual” view !

That’s all !

Google AdSense offers different kind of products (advertisement banners, referral for google products or for firefox), as well as different formats. Be sure to go through all of them to find what works best for your site ! The AdSense-Deluxe plugin will make it easy for you to insert them in your posts.

The advertisement below was inserted with a simple statement.

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