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If you just want to send a note directly to someone, you can get them via the direct messages web interface.

Damn ! I’m a twitter user myself, but how could I have overlooked that “direct message” feature ? Now you can think of twitter as a unified messaging interface. If the personne you’re sending a message didn’t configure anything then the message will wait to be read on the website. If she configured IM and cell phone, then she’ll get it on the IM when online, on the cell phone when not. Pretty cool !

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My own analysis of “FeedBurner’s View of the Feed Market”

Burning Questions FeedBurner’s View of the Feed Market

In this article, FeedBurner gave us quite a few insights about people’s habits regarding RSS feeds. Anyone having a blog or website can use this article to be more friendly to the readers, to boost RSS feed subscription, and to help growing the revenue you get from your website.

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WordPress Templates

WordPress is a great blogging software, which is both feature rich and simple to use. For most beginners, it will be enough to install it and start using it. For most advanced uses and to get more control, you’ll need to tweak with the templates.


A WordPress blog is composed of the following sections :

  • header : this is the top of your page (usually a banner for your blog)
  • footer : this is the bottom of your page (few links, statistics, …)
  • page : this is where the main content goes (posts)
  • sidebar : this is the sidebar (widgets, archives, recent posts, tags…)

Altering your template

Rather unsurprisingly, altering your template can be achieved by modifying the template files corresponding to the section you want to modify.
Those files are located in your theme directory (usually something like wordpress/wp-content/themes/YOUR_THEME) and their name is the section name with an extension of “.php”. So if you want to change the sidebar, then you’ll go and edit sidebar.php.

Why to change the template?

You might want to change your template files for many purposes :

  • aesthetics (for example reordering the sections of the sidebar)
  • use of third party services (for example Google Analytics for statistics, Google AdSense for advertising, Feedburner to advertise your feeds, and so on)

For example, if you need to include some javascript code in every pages of your blog in order to get correct statistics, it may be a good idea to considering adding it in your footer.php .

If you want to include advertisement below every of your posts, you might consider adding it in the page.php .

When you’ll start tweaking your template, you’ll realize that it opens a real broad horizon of features, which will allow you to get more and more control over your blog…

Using as a web based inventory is a website where you can store your bookmarks, tag them to easily find them afterwards, and it is social bookmarking in the sense that your bookmarks can be searched, and so are others’ bookmarks, building a kind of giant directory of humanly maintained links to the world wide web.

But you can go beyond saving your bookmarks and searching others’…

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Websites with Catalyst

If you like Perl and you make dynamic websites with databases backends, Catalyst is definitely worth a look.

It is basically an MVC engine for websites. It lets you nicely separate your business logic, the display and the database backend.

It has extended plugins to deal with things like authentications, sessions, templates, RSS, and God knows what 🙂

It can integrate Apache, and harness mod_cgi’s power for high-performance web applications.

It is a little bit tricky to get it right at the beginning, but there are nice tutorials.

Have a look ! 🙂

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