Using as a web based inventory is a website where you can store your bookmarks, tag them to easily find them afterwards, and it is social bookmarking in the sense that your bookmarks can be searched, and so are others’ bookmarks, building a kind of giant directory of humanly maintained links to the world wide web.

But you can go beyond saving your bookmarks and searching others’…

I personally use it as a little inventory. To keep track of books, dvds, movies I’ve read/watched, I bookmark the corresponding page of Amazon or IMDB and add tags accordingly :

  • media type : books, DVDs or movies,…
  • category : such as fantasy, humor, thriller,…
  • status : cleared or toCheck
  • owned or wanted as needed

Now if you want to find out all the books you own, it is as simple as to fecth all the links which are tagged in books+owned. All the movies you would want to watch ? movies+toCheck … Your friends want to make you a present ? They can check the DVDs you’d want to have : DVDs+wanted

I found it is a nice way to keep running an inventory !

Few “live” examples :

Do YOU have special use for ?

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