Ubuntu 8.04 + IBM T40 = No sound

If you upgraded your Ubuntu on an IBM T40 Laptop only to find out that there is no sound anymore, you’re not alone in this 😉

Follow the bug report for more information !

Edit 2008-05-11 : As of today I don’t have this problem anymore … update your machine if you haven’t yet !

Edit 2008-06-22 : Sound vanished again … I really need to look into this before this drives me crazy !!

Sound seems to come back and vanish unpredictably reboot after reboot …

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu 8.04 + IBM T40 = No sound”

  1. Just ran the most recent updates, with no change in behavior (ie sound still broken).
    Did you get sound to work with an automatic update, or by installing the Intrepid Ibex 8.10 kernel?

    thanks for keeping after this. I finally gave up.

  2. Hello Ronald,

    Sorry to hear that the problem is not solved for you… I simply installed the most recent updates, nothing fancy, and the sound started to work again.

    Let us know of it goes for you !


  3. Ronald,

    The sound vanished again … As I am not sure why it started to work neither, I don’t have a clue yet how to restore it 🙂


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