WordPress : Delayed posts

A cool feature of WordPress I’ve just discovered : delayed posts.

You must know those times when you have plenty of ideas to blog, and those times when you have no clue about what to post …

In WordPress, it is possible to write a post and have it appear on your blog at a later date. This can help you to have your posts being published regularly (even if, for example, you are on holidays).

To have a post being published at a later date, write it as usual, then check the “Edit timestamp” box and fill in the date you’d like the post to be published on.

Then click the Publish button.

That’s it !

By the way, I didn’t really write this post on the 2008-03-30 😉

One thought on “WordPress : Delayed posts”

  1. I remember reading about this edit “time stamp” option on john chow’s site – maybe a year ago. He said he would knock out several posts at a time and then edit the time stamp. I thought it was such a good idea and decided to get a wordpress account. I never used it, but I agree, it’s a cool feature.

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