Apache : Perform load tests and bench Apache

If you need to simulate a load on an Apache server (or any web server actually), you can use Apache Bench, which is included in the standard Apache HTTPd distribution. This tool will launch connections to your webserver as instructed to simulate multiple users and will help you to tune your Apache settings.

You can find the synopsis at the Apache website. Most common options are :

  • -n : number of requests to perform
  • -c : number of concurrent requests

Other options allow you to control precisely the request to send, proxy settings, user authentication, cookies and much more.

Question to readers : Which HTTP load tester do YOU use ? TIA for sharing !

3 thoughts on “Apache : Perform load tests and bench Apache”

  1. You can use :
    HTTPERF (very good to stress an Apache Web Server)
    Daiquiry (Quite old but allows you to “replay” old logs. This on is funny but needs little hacking in order to work. Maybe you should drink a little one too :p)
    OpenSTA : The must but windows only. Can work in cluster mode
    HammerHead2: My favorite but discontinued.. snif

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