Speedlinking : A few blogs I am a fan of

It is high time I give out a bit of link love for those blogs I always rush to when there’s a new post !

In no particular order !

  1. Lifehacker : Software reviews, tips, and every hack you need to enhance your productivity
  2. l’Oeil du web : (In French) Half technical, half fun blog of a friend who moved to the south of France
  3. Aashiyana – Santanu and Pamela : Life, travels, civilization blog of a friend couple who moved back to India
  4. Terminally Incoherent : Rants and comments, technical stuff, reviews
  5. My SysAd Blog — UNIX : Tips about OpenSolaris
  6. Get Rich Slowly : Financial tips for everyday life
  7. Wise Bread : Financial tips, getting the most of your money
  8. Ririan Project : Everyday life tips
  9. OpenBSD Journal : Official news for the OpenBSD “free as air” Unix system.
  10. OSNews : News about the world of operating systems

Hmm, that’s it for now ! This post to be a “thank you” for all the authors behind those blogs who write great posts and, well, ruin my productivity 😉

What about you ? What are your favorite blogs or news sites ?

If you don’t own a blog you can list them in the comments below, but if you do have a blog, you might want to write such a post.

This a great way to share your favorite blogs with your readers and this helps those blogs to crawl their way up in page rank and to get a bit of well deserved fame 😀

4 thoughts on “Speedlinking : A few blogs I am a fan of”

  1. Oh wow! Thanks for the link. 🙂 Nice to see my blog made it on your list.

    Btw, did you disable no-follow thing? Cause if you didn’t then posting an URL in the comments here probably won’t help anyones’ page rank. WordPress adds the nofollow attribute to every link in the comments by default. 🙂

  2. Hey Luke, you’re welcome 😉

    I didn’t disable the no-follow in the comments, because I’m afraid this will invite a whole crowd of people commenting just to get one more backlink …

    Posting the favorite blogs in the comments is indeed only for sharing, not for PR !

    Thanks for your visit !


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