Solaris 10: On which CD is that XYZ package ?

If you want to know on which CD is a package, without :

  1. Mounting CD
  2. Searching
  3. Unmounting
  4. Swear and
  5. Go back to 1

Then you can :

  1. Mount CD #1 (mount -F hsfs /dev/dsk/<CDROM DEVICE> /mnt or, if you have automount cd /cdrom/cdrom0 or something like that)
  2. Go in the Solaris_10/Product directory of the CD
  3. Do grep -l <PACKAGE NAME> .virtual_packagetoc_*
  4. which will output the .virtual_packagetoc_N where N is the number of the CD holding that package.

Exemple :

# pwd
# grep -l SUNWzsh .virtual_packagetoc_*

So SUNWzsh, the package for ZSH shell, is on CD #5 of Solaris 10 distribution (damn, I don’t have it !)

This tip is courtesy of BlaF (thanks dude !)

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