Damn Small Linux : Linux on the run

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a Linux distribution with full blown graphical user interface, which was first designed to be small enough to fit on a business card sized CD-ROM (50MB). It still does, but it does much more !

Launching DSL

DSL of course can be booted off a CD-ROM or USB key, but this is not my favorite.

DSL exists in a version which can actually run inside of Windows : there is a VMWare version (if you already have it installed on your machine), and a Qemmu version (this latter will be on the USB key, so you don’t need to have it installed on your machine to use DSL). This means that you can load DSL in your USB key, carry it around with you, and then stick it in any Windows computer to let you run your favorite applications.


Standard DSL is already loaded with many applications including :

  • a web browser
  • an mp3 player
  • a spreadsheet
  • a word processor
  • instant messagins

Enough to keep you busy !

And if you are willing to spend more space, you can download additionnal packages, ready to use…

You’ll find more information at the DSL website and be sure to have a look through the wiki as well !

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  1. I installed Damn Small Linux 4.11RC2 in a Compaq Presario 2292.
    I am now using this computer as a web server!

    I wrote some tips and tricks on how to install Damn Small Linux 4.11RC2 and use it as a web server, that you can find in:


    I wish it is helpful to someone!!!

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