Solaris 10 : great doc about package management

I stumbled on the Solaris 10 training & tutorials and it holds a really nice doc about package management in Sun Solaris 10, broken in 2 parts :

  1. Performing Solaris 10 OS Package Administration (part1)
  2. Performing Solaris 10 OS Package Administration (part2)

Amongst all the information, I was especially interested in those which I always forget like how to check package installation integrity (or how to know if files have been tampered with since it was installed) with pkgchk PACKAGE_NAME (eg : pkgchk SUNWcsu) or how to check integrity of a file with pkgchk -p /path/to/file (you’ll get extra information such as which package it was installed from by adding the -l flag).

pkgchk will check both file attributes and contents by default, so it is a great help to investigate problems related to installed packages being tampered with (every sysadmin knows this, either because of manipulation error, or an intruder trying to replace core utilities by trojan horses, backdoors, etc).

Of course you’ll also find the more “trivial stuff” like installing a package (pkgadd -d /path/to/packages PACKAGENAME), removing a package (pkgrm PACKAGENAME) and so on ..

Great resources, really !