How likely was that ?!

Having a look at Twitter… oh ! someone added me as a friend … who is he ? no idea … but he has like 467 “friends”… so I guess he’s adding pretty much anyone.

Looking at his “friends” I notice this LvP whose face looked familiar. Following the bread crumbs (LvP’s blog), it turns out that I really know him ! OK, more like “I once knew him”, since I sort of worked with him like 3 months, 7 years ago.

For the story, he was the production director of the french computer game company, Cryo-Networks, in which I did a 3 months coding internship for a game based on Franck Herbert’s Sci-Fi masterpiece, Dune. The purpose of this internship was to code a random 3D landscape / ground / planet generator. So ? How cool is that ? The final result was even really not so bad ! (it was based on the Perlin noise and, by the way, I owe big to Hugo Elias for his really nice website).

So how likely was it to find LvP (Louis van Proosdij) on Twitter ? Pretty slim odds, right ? Looks like the World is as small as it is said, after all !

4 thoughts on “How likely was that ?!”

  1. Was it one of these RTS dune titles by any chance?

    Btw, Frank Herbert probably is my favorite SF author. I read all the Dune books multiple times.

  2. Yes it was … “Dune Generations” would have been the title, sadly the company didn’t live long enough to bring it to the market !

    The Dune books are definitely my favorite SF books, and that’s why I was so thrilled to work on this game ! But anyway, coding on a game (especially real time 3D engines) is probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever done with a computer (even though I’m everything but a gamer)

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