LinkedIn – Be easy to reach

LinkedIn lets you connect to people you know. This connection is made by sending someone an email with a link to allow that connection. But how to let people connect to you, if they don’t know your email address ?

LinkedIn is a popular social networking site which claims to help you finding business opportunities. You first create an account, and then you can connect people either by inviting them, or by searching them by name, or by school or company, and sending them a request to connect both of your networks.

That is to say that in both of the situation, you need to know an actual email address of the person you want to join (unless you are willing to pay a subscription fee to LinkedIn).

If you still want to be in reach of people having a free account, there is a little trick : you can add your email address in your lastname.

For example : First name : John, Last name : Doe [ john.doe (at) ]. Your name will then be displayed as “John Doe [ john.doe (at) ]”, which lets anyone easily send you a request to join your networks.

I put the “(at)” thing, not to make the email address too easy to collect for a spam email harvester, but still being human understandable.

Proof by example in my LinkedIn profile.